20 Priceless Insights from 2015

On reflection and as we end another year, I wanted to share with you the 20 lessons that were of the greatest value to me over 2015.

I am humbled and thankful to you for following, sharing and modeling my work and teaching.(whether via my YouTube videos/Facebook posts/tweets/books/webcasts/live events) over these past 12 months.

TimeforSuccessThere’s no doubt that TOGETHER, we’re building a global movement – a new way organisation for the shifting demographics in your talent pool and your clients.  A contemporary, inclusive and high performing workplace for your talents to thrive. I’m counting on you to keep building the momentum with me so we inspire all whose path we cross as leaders.


My team and I have very special plans to serve you even more richly in 2016…

…writing at least a new book (much of the writing will get done in summer and ready for you in the Fall) about the different demographic shifts and how you can leverage on these shifts for your competitive advantage, delivering an all-new live and virtual series of Master Classes (yes I hear you) called Talent Innovation Master Classes looking at a inclusive and engaging high performing workplace through the lens of diversity and inclusion and worklife flexibility on a monthly basis held across Asia and through Webcast.

Here are the 20 insights that served me best this year…

#1. Ambition is not a bad thing unless if it’s an unclean ambition that hurt others. We are wired for growth and progress. You are meant to be brilliant in your own space. Play big and step into your awesomeness.

#2. Chase after shiny distractions or you can do your living legacy epic work. Choose one, you just don’t get to do both.

#3. A larger than you dream requires an exceptionally great team. The smartest way to grow a company is to develop your people and delegate.

#4. Remember that doing good in expectation of some return is no gift–it’s an exchange.

#5. Why worry about everything being uncertain or being disrupted when you can build your own economy via your creativity and mastery.

#6. If being an entrepreneur is easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes a brave, adventurous spirit to get on this ride.

#7. Be More, Do Less and Live with Meaning.

#8. Being busy isn’t being productive. Low value/no value work = Fake work. It is not real work. Focus, and direct your energy and efforts to what matters most.

#9. Expressing deeply your love for the work you do and/or the person you love helps you to overcome your fear.

#10. Exceptional physical fitness is a game-changer.Start your 10,000 steps now.

#11. Honoring your parents now as you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

#12. Autonomy, tapping on passion and allowing mastery are the greatest gifts a leader can provide the culture for their team.

#13. The giants on whose the shoulders we stand on hone their craft and through leadership possible through daily practices and daily rituals in as much as their innate gift.

#14. Life’s a series of seasons. We celebrate Spring and overcome the challenges of Winters of our lives. We gear up appropriately for each of these season which is personal to each of us. Enjoy the journey. Let your authentic , creative and vibrant self show up.

#15. Journal and writing down what we are appreciative /grateful for allows you to relive the more beautiful parts of your life on a daily basis.

#16. An obsession isn’t unhealthy unless of course when it’s an unhealthy obsession.

#17. Many people say , “It’s just a job” But a job is only a job if you perceive it as a job. What we do daily is a spectacular platform to hone your craft, round off your edges, overcome your fears and bring the joy to your world.

#18. The best thought leaders and creators are curious, they invest in their growth and love reading. They go to conferences and befriend other giant thinkers.

#19. Smile every morning as a blessing to gift yet another day.

#20. Few are blessed with being able to enjoy and do what they love to do so that work=play. But that doesn’t mean that you can be included in the “FEW” if you intentionally seek that out.

This is the final blog for the year. Here’s wishing you an amazing year ahead as you step out as a leader of a contemporary organization.





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