Just what do they want from the workplace? – The changing expectations of the professional workforce.

In the article  by the Washington Post, suggests that money isn’t everything to the world’s changing professional workforce. The study polled 1200 professionals from China, India, Brazil, the United State and the United Kingdom.


So just what do the employees wish for in the workplace?

In my opinion the new workforce desires a workplace

  1. That is transparent
  2. Whose values are aligned with that of the individuals
  3. Which considers both economic and morale profit
  4. That reflects the nature of workplace of the 21 century which is needed for the new workforce and not a culture of the 19th or 20th century – one that promotes communication, openness, learning and collaboration. This environment also allows the increasing number of women and the younger generations to blossom.

Here’s how I think we can evolve to be a more contemporary workplace.

Firstly – Breathe Authenticity. People instinctively looking for a workplace that values their personal identity and self-expression. When they are free to be themselves, they emit positive energy and become engaged.  They know who they are, and they know that they are being valued and respected.


The inspiring workplace is one that allows people to express their personal identity in a manner that makes useful contributions to the organization. When an individual can bring their whole self to work, there is authenticity and true emotional connection.



1. What can we do to create an open environment for individuals to bring their whole self to work with joy? 

2. What is being done to amplify the enablers for a more inclusive workplace – for diverse culture, gender and generations in your talent pool.



Secondly – Thrive on Autonomy. So often we hear organizations professing, “People are our greatest asset”. Yet the culture and management norms in these same organizations rob people of their greatest motivation  – autonomy to turn in their best effort for the desired results.Check out DRIVE by Daniel Pink.


As Jeff Gunther of Meddius realized, management is about conditions for people to do their best work on their own terms. True empowerment is the expression of being accountable of the how and the what.



1. What can be done to give employees space to deliver on their own terms?

2. What can be done to enable people to transit to a workplace where accountability and autonomy co-exists?


What are your thoughts to  meet the changing expectations of the professional workforce? Share your thoughts at



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