Lack of global exposure, Gen Y staff among managers’ top concerns

Wow, what an opening at HR Summit 2013. Workplace Flexibility : An Essential Human Capital Strategy by Ms Claire Chiang, SVP of Banyan Tree Holdings kicked start the conference attended by more than 4000 HR and business professional from around the world.

My key insights from one of the largest HR conference in Asia are

1. Generational diversity and inclusion will continue to be a key issue to overcome to enable organizations to thrive in the future, particularly managing and engaging Generation Y. This dovetail nicely to the topics which I presented on both days on Leveraging the Demographic Shifts to improve Workplace Dynamics. I received so many request from the readers of my previous post and for those who missed the HR Summit, that I am excited to announce that I will schedule a webinar on this topic in May so keep a look out for my email.

2. Strong leaders with international experience needed for businesses going forward was expressed as a concern by the panel of top executives of multinational corporations due to the need for leaders to connect with the rest of the world. This validates our belief in LifeWorkz that we need to build global leaders not asian or western¬† but leaders who will thrive in a global world which will be diverse in nature (be it their workforce or client base), a world as described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.These we call the “Contemporary Leaders”.

3. Workplace flexibility as a human capital strategy will take center stage in the coming years due to

  • the need to meet the work and life expectations of the diverse generations in the workforce
  • the more creative approach to recruit specific talent pools which will leverage on workplace flexibility.

Altogether a very insightful conference. Keep in mind – Demographic shifts are here to stay. What are the implication to your leadership team, talent engagement and marketplace? How can you develop your high potentials for the future so that they are “contemporary”? How can you begin to shift your culture to be more flexible? Watch out for the on “Leveraging on Demographic Shifts for improved Workplace Dynamics.”


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