Pssst…Want to know the ingredients needed for success in 2013?

As we started the year, I took time to speak with some of the experts in the field of future search. From the conversations with them and with the business leaders globally, I reckon, it is safe to say that it’s gonna be a year where the workplace will change dramatically given the economic pressures and demographic changes in the talent pool. Still many of them confirms that though challenging, they will still need to look at how they can engage their talents. Here is a checklist that I shared with them. To what extent does your workplace culture:

Create an open environment for individuals to bring their whole self to work with joy?

Amplify the enablers for a more inclusive workplace?

Give employees space to deliver on their own terms?

Enable people to transit to a workplace where accountability and autonomy co-exists?

Encourage the development of mastery in individuals’ respective skills and areas of competence?

Facilitate an integrated suite of solutions for your people to excel and develop mastery?

Consistently drive the higher purpose of work in your organization?

Weave the higher purpose of work into the day to day of the business?

Generate a sustained and constant buzz about the business in and around your workplace?

Leverage on exciting challenges that trigger the positive dynamism of your people?

Encourage flexibility rather than rigidly following the rules?

Encourage so that they are able to deliver their best effort in the direction and intent of their role?

In the words of Herb Keller, the very successful CEO of Southwest, a vibrant people culture is based on the principle of caring for people in their totality of their lives.

Use the above checklist as a guide if you feel it would serve you and your team…….no charge. All I ask is to leave a comment below or email us at and share your story. A blessed 2013.




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