Work-Life Integration – The Past, Present and Future

I had the pleasure of speaking at a Flexible Workplace Asia Masterclass attended by audience from around the region and I spoke on work-life integration  – the past, the present and the future.
As the session progressed, the conversation seems to be circling around some myths about work-life. Here are my thoughts about them and I trust it will also help you understand work-life issues better. Here are some common myths and in my years of working with individuals and organizations, the results that surfaces dispelling these myths.
1.    Work-life balance is not achievable. Work-life flex or navigation is. It’s about empowering individuals to navigate their work-life needs in a complex world of work and life.
2.    Work-life flex interventions are so expensive. Work-life flex interventions can take place with just some extra-creativity and empowerment. We have seen this happen with no increase in cost but an increase in doses of creativity and empowerment for the teams to come up with solutions that is result driven and addressing team needs.
3.    Work-life flex will decrease productivity. Work-life flex increases productivity as the staff is not distracted with non-work issues.
4.    Allowing work-life flex means chaos. Work-life flex is a systematic manner of delivering the outcomes desired in a non traditional work format. Email us at if you still have doubts about this
5.    Work-life flex is very complex. Work-life flex does not need to be complex. It just needs to follow the organization’s people philosophy. The smart organizations that have successfully leveraged on work-life strategies are those who hold it with a loose hand and building on a strong foundation of their organization culture and values. Trusting in their staff to make the best decisions for the organization.

Still, we have a chance to glance into the future of Work-Life where the only word that rings through was “flexibility”. The notion that there is a difference between flex and flexibility, that there will be flexibility in terms of structures, rules, palces, times, careers and more. Where the word office will mean “officing” which means wherever, one is working not necessarily at “office” or at “home”. It’s a place of fun, and most of all individuals will want to congregate and contribute their best work. Now that is a future, of work- life at work. What is crucial then is for us to empower our talents to navigate work and life.




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