Smart organisations are taking the issue of gender balance seriously.

They are realising it pays off in 3 important ways. (Watch the video to find out more!)

Yet the truth is, most organisations struggle with how to create an environment that allows both genders to thrive.

This is because most of today's workplace norms have been designed for men, and have not evolved with the fast-changing demographics of today's workforce.

To attract and engage women talent requires a different approach.


Gender Balance

How smart organisations are using Gender Balance as a Talent, Leadership and Marketplace strategy

Cues to Engaging Female Talent

Factors such as cultural norms, organisational practices and an individual's values will impact your success in engaging and retaining female talent

Leveraging on Gender Balance as a Strategy

How you can create an environment for women talent to thrive by creating awareness of gender balance as a strategy, and through intentional talent development


The LifeWorkz programme provided me with a better understanding of the challenges faced by my peers, giving me a wider and deeper perspective on the challenges working women face (beyond just my own experience), which has greatly assisted me in the way I work with, manage, coach and mentor people.
Jacinta Barnes, Project Manager, Australia

As a working woman and mother of twins working in a male-dominated industry, I am a big supporter of the LifeWorkz programme "StepUp for Women". It has opened my eyes to the need for gender balance in the workplace, and how that would positively impact results and the bottomline. Thank you Lifeworkz!
Fifi Henirawati Hoo, Sales Manager, Indonesia

Attending the LifeWorkz programme has really helped me in understanding myself and getting a clearer picture of my career destination.
HR Director, Telecom industry, China

Amazing, powerful skills learned. It definitely equipped me with the essential elements to make myself more successful.
Engineer, Singapore

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