In today's workplace, it is no longer possible to ignore the issue of generational diversity - or simply hope it will go away in due time.

Generational diversity is here to stay.

While managing Gen Y subordinates and colleagues is the most common issue encountered in the workplace, generational issues go beyond Gen Y.

There are now 4 - if not 5 - generations co-existing in today's workplace, and organisations need a strategy that enables them to embrace and harness them all.

Those who do will gain a competitive advantage in 3 key areas (watch the video to find out more!)


Introduction: Generations

Why smart organisations are tapping on generational diversity as a Talent, Leadership and Marketplace strategy

Optimizing Generations at Work

Why you need to look beyond the Gen Y issue to truly engage the diverse generations in your workplace

Engaging Gen Y in the Workplace

Practical steps you can take to keep your Gen Y talent engaged in their role at the workplace


The go-to people in the Gen Y field.
The Straits Times, Singapore

Good synopsis of multi-generational management. Certainly IE should look at this further.
Chong Lit Cheong, CEO, IE Singapore

Insights and practical tips that can be used immediately for organisational "wins".
Grace Ban, Managing Director, Estee Lauder Cosmetics

I thoroughly enjoyed this course which gave very concise information on generational characteristics especially Gen Y, and how managers may harness them for improved corporate performance. A very practical approach that facilitates quick implementation for results in action.
Thomas Koh, CFO, Healthcare Industry

LifeWorkz certainly gave me a better perspective on the importance of better managing the multi-generational workforce. The changing demographic is just not affecting staff attraction and retention, but also the way we do business. The different levers that LifeWorkz deploys work throughout the organisation.
Eileen Ang, HR Director, Hospitality Industry

Very helpful in understanding Gen Y and the other generations, and the strategies to deal with them.
Deputy Director, Strategy Management, Ministry of Manpower

Good translation of research work done. It is relevant to our current work environment.
Michael Tan, Senior Group Account Manager, Media

Great insights and strategies. Definitely useful for our line managers.
Senior Associate Director, CPF Board

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